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I grew up in Vienna where I was socialized with art, comics, graffiti and Deix. After painting on canvas and murals, animating shortmovies and illustrating digitally, I’m now experimenting a lot with different printing-techniques. I'm always searching for new ways to illustrate human madness.

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Commissioned Work


FALTER, HEUREKA, UND-Magazin, DJ Menace, Deliman

Life Painting at Festivals

Beatpatrol, Soundframe, Urban Artforms, Frequency, Freakwave


GEMMA Jugend, ORG Hegelgasse, HAK Tulln, HTL Mistelbach, Rennes, Geh mit uns

Animation and Musicvideos

Shawn the savage Kid, Simp Video, KIDS N’ CATS, Illuminati, MHZ


Stoffguru, Geh mit uns, Wiener Kind, Viennas Finest



2015 Albertina: Groupexhibition
2015 Artenne Nenzing: Groupexhibition
2015 Novomatic Forum Vienna: Groupexhibition
2015 Künstlerhaus Wien: Groupexhibition
2014 Verein Töchter der Kunst
2013 Inoperable Galerie: Groupexhibition
2010 Galerie Café: Groupexhibition

Other Commissioned Work
ORF, Badeschiff Wien, LVL 7, LEO Rohrbach, Ion Art, Ubuntu Amandla

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